Family Services and Chaplaincy Manager

  1. Must possess a Masters in Social Work. Must have, or must have ability to immediately obtain and actively maintain Oregon licensure necessary for the billing of psychotherapy services (LCSW).
  2. Must have minimum of five years combined work experience in the provision of program coordination and management, psychotherapy, clinical case management, and community social work.
  3. Must have two years experience in psychosocial assessment and delivery of services to patients, clients, and families.
  4. Must maintain professional liability insurance coverage.
  5. Through education and/or experience, understands and accepts the Hospice concept of care and dissemination of the Hospice philosophy, mission, and policy.
  6. Must have formal education, continuing education, and/or experience in Family Systems theory and counseling, and Bereavement support services.
  7. Must be able to demonstrate understanding of, or willingness to learn, and commitment to the Systemic Strength Based practice of Social Work.
  8. Must possess a sensitive and compassionate attitude towards accepting death as a part of life, and enhancing the quality of life for the patient and family assigned to his/her care.
  9. Must possess demonstrated ability to communicate clearly, concisely, and respectfully with patients, their families, and all Hospice employees and community partners.
  10. Must maintain professional integrity throughout all operations of social work practice, operating within his/her professional Code of Ethics.
  11. Must understand and be comfortable working with organizational policy and daily operations, including the development of policy and procedures drafts.
  12. Must demonstrate ability to function as an integral part of the Interdisciplinary Team; enhancing the mission, policy, and philosophy of South Coast Hospice.
  13. Must demonstrate strong organizational, interpersonal, leadership, and team building skills.
  14. Must have previously demonstrated skill in conflict resolution.
  15. Must have demonstrated ability to cooperate and successfully form professional working relationships across departments, professions, and service delivery context.
  16. Must possess a demonstrated work ethic founded upon personal and professional integrity and behavior.


    This position exists to directly provide all aspects of oversight and management of direct services to Hospice patients and family members, as well as Bereavement services provided to grieving families, couples, adults, children and youth. The position also includes maintenance of the Family & Chaplaincy Services Department and Community Bereavement and Education (CBEC) infra-structure, as well as service delivery outcomes.


    The Family and Chaplaincy Services Manager supervises all staff providing direct services within the Family and Chaplaincy Services Department and the CBEC. This may include trained Hospice Volunteers specifically assigned to the FSD and/or CBEC, trained Hospice Volunteers, and Staff providing group-based services such as Grief Psycho-educational Support Services. Provides necessary means of team communications to include program focused, as well as case management and training shared information, dialogue and exchange.


    Provides oversight and program management to all program sub-components within the Family Services Department, including Hospice Social Work, Social Work admissions, and Chaplaincy.
    1. Provides direction, guidance, support, review, and evaluation of Staff, including Social Workers, Chaplains, and Bereavement services to Hospice bereaved for the Family & Chaplaincy Services Department.
    2. Provides program development, implementation, monitoring and modifications of sub-components, including Admissions, oversight of the Trauma Incident Team, and Chaplaincy program.
    3. Provides supervision to Family Services Department Coordinator, as well as to all Staff in the Family Services Department.
    4. Provides guidance and direction, on both the team and individual levels for Professional Development.
    5. Monitors and assists with policy development within the Family Services Department.
    6. Maintains and supports Department‚ s kind and respectful approach to patient/family advocacy and care.

Please go to our website www.schospice.org and go to employment opportunities and print off the application and forward it to our email address in addition to your resume.

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